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Donetsk Pro-Ukrainian Rally turned Bloody – 7 Kidnapped Presumed Murdered

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The peaceful rally yesterday in Donetsk by pro-Ukrainians in the East who do not want to join Russia turned bloody and violent. You can no longer find Ukrainian flags for sale – only Russian in the stores. Countless people were beaten as the police did absolutely nothing. However, 7 were kidnapped and believed to be the organizers that everyone fears will be tortured, killed, and thrown naked in the forest. Pro-Russians beat Pro-Ukrainians with clubs and chains. These seem to be the same hired thugs that Yanukovich employed in Maidan.
Sanctions will NOT save these people and their property has become unsalable. They cannot even leave lacking any money to travel. They will be oppressed if they survive and hated. Even in Moscow, people from the various regions are discriminated against and the people do not see them as “Russian” in any event. This is all about controlling landmass that is perceived to be power and the Russian people support expanding the country. What exactly they will do with regions that are oppressed economically, there seems to be a void of any long-term plan here. The Eastern Ukraine is the poorest region that will be a drain upon the Russian economy – not a benefit.