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Dogs Sniffing out Cash

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It appears that the world is headed in the direction of a massive assault upon wealth everywhere. The culmination of class warfare seems to be coming to a head all because government owes so damn much in interest, there may be no way out but complete collapse. I fear that we are creating such hatred of anyone who has any money, that we may see this explode in our face as it did in Russia. The race card is now being rolled out as is the Marxist card. Of course, Nobody says this is some sort of Communist Resurrection, but of course whenever you start targeting people because of their wealth, you do not end in a pretty place. Germany began with get the rich who happened to be Jewish bankers that migrated into all Jews.

Clients are contributing info now from around the world keeping watch on what is really taking place. They are now using dogs to sniff cash people are trying to get out of the country. They are seizing cash, gold, and silver now at the border in many countries. Here is the latest from Australia.–labradors-hone-in-on-hidden-fortunes-20120813-244at.html

This is why I have been warning that the HYPERINFLATION route has never been the fate of any core economy in history. That only takes place in the fringe because  there are no BOND holders. Here, the bankers are demanding austerity, higher taxes, and we are turning Western Society on its head as all rights, privileges, and immunities vanish into thin air. This is precisely the same pattern for the fall of Rome. All great empires have died by their own hand – suicide. It is the weakness the exposes them to their enemies. The barbarians recognized that Rome lacked the funds to defend itself. It was the Emperor Aureian who built defense walls around the city of Rome itself in 275AD because now the barbarians could strike deep into the heart of Italy.

There seems to be no way to stop this runaway train. Politicians are fueling our own destruction. They cannot see the consequences of their actions. It is time for a world MONETARY CONFERENCE and a full DEBT RESTRUCTURING before there is nothing left to save.