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Difference Between S&P & the Dow

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I  find it interesting how the ECM shows The DOW at three green largely pressing higher for daily. Weekly and monthly BUT the SP is turning red in daily and monthly

Please Explain how the DOW can continue to press much higher as the SP Declines



ANSWER:  The answer is the market is not ready to take off just yet. The difference between the Dow and the S&P is foreign institutional money, which buys the Dow big names. the S&P 500 is the broader market and that tends normally to be more domestic. It will also take off during the boom, but we are just not yet ready for prime time. Most likely we are looking at a turning point in the Jan/Feb period.

Also keep in mind that the Global Market Watch is not the system model. It is a pattern recognition model fully AI functioning recording patterns as it goes from everything and tests those pattern against its knowledge-base. Hence it is more of an alert rather than a trading system.


Stage two will be to click of the market and then a second and third page will appear. These will be (1) detailed GMW, and (2) the computer written report for that market with the arrays, reversals, and trading system. So the GMW is the first layer so you can see the entire world at a glance and then zoom in on what might be interesting.