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Deutsche Bank and Magnum

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QUESTION: I invested in your public funds at Deutsche Bank and Magnum. Your performance was unbelievable. Will you ever manage money again? We could really use you now.

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ANSWER: No. That is really a 7 day a week job 21 hours on call and I still have a hard time sleeping more than 3 hours straight to this day. But there are several groups that want to use the model with the asset allocation and big move technology both in Asia and the Middle East. It depends entirely upon if they are capable of management with a model of this nature. Most fund managers cannot cope with the stress and will fail to act when it is at the extreme points. I sold the dollar at 147 on the yen just before Long-Term Capital Management hit. It collapsed to 103. We made so much money in such a few days it was amazing. However, if I am convinced they have the experience with our model and the courage, then perhaps we will license it to them. But I personally am not interested in getting back into funds management on some day-to-day basis.