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Details of the 2015 World Economic Conference

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 Total Cost $2500 per seat

This year’s conference will be really the culmination of years of work. We have been able over the years to see what is coming. Well now – it is here. This is the Big Bang. The bubble is in government, not the Private Sector. This is when it takes courage of your knowledge and the conviction of your trading skills to survive.

We will not just review the world. We will also review the best strategy to survive and where to put our money. Those are probably the most important questions that have to be answered. When will the dollar peak? When will gold bottom? When do we short bonds and buy stocks? When will the Fed break with Europe’s negative-interest rate policy? These and more need to be answered.

DJTRD-D 10-15-2014

Before the two day forecasting session begins, we will have a training session in using Socrates, which will be mostly up by then. We have a lot of separate models. What we are finishing up is bringing that all together in a concise forecast for each market. Socrates will provide the overall forecast as to trend, price, and it will show its hypothetical track record trading each instrument.

Attendees will receive the slide show used in the presentations as well as the DVD. Many people still refer to the slides from 2011 and 2012 since we provided the quarterly and yearly forecasting arrays that are still valid today.

We are taking reservations now because our regular clients come first. The movie debut in Germany will be in April. By the time of this Conference, the movie will be playing on European TV. So we want to make sure every one who wanted to attend gets a seat before things perhaps go crazy.


Reservations will be on a First Come First Served Basis. Given the importance of what we face, this will be a serious session for those who are not the faint-hearted types.


Deposit will be $500. You will be invoiced when we have the details established. Most likely this will be the middle to the end of October. Of course this will be refundable if you cannot make it prior to the paying the invoice. Cancellations will be allowed up to 35 days prior. After that, we have to pay for the food, drinks, space if it is used or not.