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Destroying the World Economy

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Luckily I was turned onto you by — ——— (who has been wrong, wrong, wrong…) while you were incarcerated.  I thank god — for turning me onto you, as it is your reports and insight that have not only saved me – but made me a small fortune.  I traded physical gold/silver for a living for a large metals dealer in Newport Beach and shorted silver the day you suggested it had hit a high in 2011…all the brokers thought that I was absolutely nuts for shorting as silver was heading to $65 and gold to $2,500!

For I had been passing out your 100 page (typed at the time) reports to other brokers as the B.S. we were being fed at the company didn’t add up with your work.  After hearing from a few of these brokers recently, nearly all of them has suggested that they wished they had read your reports and done their own independent research to verify the validity of your work versus the B.S. that was being fed to them by the company and other “analysts” (too late for their “books” and their clients hard-earned money).   It has been much easier to tell a client who has lost their hard-earned money that the market was manipulated lower – rather than taking personal responsibility for a poor trade.

I no longer trade for retail clients as I have moved to the rare coin business.  I thought that I would be able to avoid all of the hype about hyperinflation and a one world currency, but I continue to hear this nonsense daily.  My primary concern about staying in metals business comes by way of a complete lack of confidence the public will have in the metals at the lows as well as their ability to purchase gold/silver.  Do you believe that this business will thrive in years to come or will a lack of money and confidence hinder my ability to make a decent living?


ANSWER: It is true. The Gold Promoters never take responsibility for being wrong and blame it on manipulation and they say buy more. I built a business that became the largest ever by amazingly telling the truth. One of the largest top 10 banks in the world took me to dinner and asked how we came to be so large. I told them simply by telling clients the truth.

We are in a battle for our economic survival and our liberty. The tree has been cut. Does it fall to the left or to the right? It is up to us to gather as many people as possible to try to save our future from our past. This is not a time for nonsense and false claims or fake analysis.

I am very concerned about are precious metals even going to be viable. Will this confiscation of wealth turn to those assets as well? When you are dancing with the devil, anything becomes possible. Hyperinflation will not take place. They are hunting everything. The Republicans may lose in 2014 and their party is likely to crumble apart and we will see the rise of Fiscal Conservatives in 2016, but in response to draconian taxation and just outright crazy laws.

The Swiss bureaucrats have totally screwed up the banking system. They have surrendered the sovereignty of their nation to the USA. Banks here are now liable back to 2008 for any claim the US decides to press retroactively. If an American closed an account here in 2008 and the USA claims that money was hidden from taxes, the Swiss bank can be fined by the USA and the fine can be more than the bank is even worth. The Swiss banking industry is shrinking drastically and nobody want to buy a back here because of this insanity.

Roman-Hoard-Britain (2)

Noe imagine the French, British, and Germans all demand the same rights. You cannot get out of the banking business fast enough. These people are collapsing confidence in everything. Will we have no other option than to also bury our wealth as did the Romans during the 3rd century for banks could not be trusted? This is just total complete insanity. Forget storing metal. Those days are just gone. A thousand years from now, perhaps they will be digging up hoards of money and hoard that people at this moment in time bury.

Planet Apes Beech

What lies ahead is an economic wasteland because governments are destroying the entire world economy. They cannot see what they are doing because it is all about them maintaining power.