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Desperate Governments & Why you Have no Rights When it is NEGATIVE rather than POSITIVE

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Around the globe governments are simply going nuts. People grew up THINKING they had rights because of Perry Mason in court dramas where the truth always prevailed. However, the law is not what you think so the rules you have been playing by your whole life are not there. Governments are so desperate for money at this point, anything goes – and the first thing to vanish is the rule of law. This is a very serious trend because the courts are stacked with former prosecutors who only rule in the government’s favor and then passed their own rules exonerating themselves for any liability caused by their actions.

The IRS has been sending letters to Canadians who had one American parent demanding that they pay back taxes to the USA for decades. They are hunting anyone overseas and this has nothing to do with the “rich” or the “super rich” as Joe Biden tries to pretend. They are after every nickel and dime they can find.


The latest has been the trend to confiscate people’s assets based upon old debts owed by a relative as reported by the Washington Post. If your parents owed the government money, they are seizing your assets including refund checks. DO NOT over-estimate your income to get a refund check for the IRS has been delaying refund checks for a long time as they search records to find an excuse not to give you anything.

The government knows it will cost you a fortune to hire a lawyer to even attempt to exercise your rights. There is no way the government can legally hold you liable for another family member’s debt – but does not mean they will not try anyway. It maybe simply the law that you are not responsible for other family member’s debts unless you co-sign for them. Government is always exempt from the laws it writes to control you. Who cares what is right or wrong? Certainly nobody working for the IRS. They know the average person cannot afford to fight city hall and are too scared to death to even try.

The bottom-line is sadly clear. In the end, the government always wins for the Constitution is not a list of POSITIVE rights you possess – it is NEGATIVE for it is intended to be restraining government. Therefore, you must PROVE you have the right in the first place before you have standing to even bring a suit. This is the difference between a POSITIVE document (Constitution) compared to a NEGATIVE one. The burden is always yours to prove the NEGATIVE restraint exists. You have no rights – remember that. It is your burden to PROVE you have anything.