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Democracy v Republic & Big Bang

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QUESTION:  Dear Martin,

Thank you for the education in economics that I am receiving from you by reading your daily blog.
I have  one question:  When you refer to the “big bang” that is going to occur on 2015.75, can I infer then a “bigger bang” will occur on 2024.35 and that the “biggest bang” will occur on 2032.95?
May God continue to bless you with wisdom to share with all of us.

ANSWERBig Bang is the crack in things as they have been. The perpetual borrowing machine that is fraying at the edges. Greece is interesting for the strangest thing I have noticed about cycles, they return to their starting point. Greece is the logical place for the Sovereign Debt Crisis to begin.

The last Roman Emperor was named Romulus Augustus (475-476AD). Romulus was the founder of Rome and Augustus was the first emperor. So his name was very befitting – blending both. There is the prophecy of Saint Malachy (1094–1148), which is a prediction for the last pope. While many have regarded this list as fabrication at the time of its publication about 1590, what is curious there is the last Pope is supposed to be named Peter the Roman. I find it curious that this list ends with the same name as it began – St. Peter who was executed in Rome.



The last Byzantine Emperor was Constantine XI (1448-1453). He died fighting on the walls of Constantinople. Here too, he bore the name of the first emperor, Constantine I the Great. So for Big Bang to begin with the debt crisis in Greece, where Western Civilization was born, is perfect symmetry. These things seem to end where they begin. Ukraine was the battleground that made Russia.

Consequently, we may see a chance to return to real Democracy and the end or Republics. But this is more likely to unfold at the end of the cycle in 2032.95 and we are then likely to see China as the financial capitol of the world. We will go over the Democracy v Republic at the Solutions seminar. It is not unrestrained majority rule. What we have right now, is an Oligarchy they pretend to call democracy no different from the corruption at the ended the Roman Republic and the swing toward authoritarianism with the birth of Imperial Rome.