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Deflation v Inflation Consequences of Gov’t actions

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QUESTION: They keep saying the same thing that gold has just got to go up. The Goldbugs will not quote you anymore and will not acknowledge you were right. The mainstream press ignores you because they are pro-government and banks doing the same thing as the Goldbugs. It is incredible that they accuse you of manipulating the world and yet they refuse to listen. Talk about stubborn. It does appear that the Goldbugs keep telling people to buy while the bankers sell. Very strange developments. Thank you so much for calling it like it is.

ANSWER: It is what it is. The talking heads talk out of both sides of their mouth trying to explain the gold decline and stock rally. I agree. It is very strange when someone only says buy and when they are wrong they blame the banks and call it a manipulation. If they knew that from the start, why advise people to only buy? There seems to be a huge lack of independence here.

Deflation is in part the abandoning of the idea of stimulating. We are facing massive unfunded pensions worldwide. Not exclusively in the USA. Pensions and unfunded liabilities will be CUT. This is part of the political change cycle movement toward a 3rd party. The hyperinflationists cannot see the forest because of the trees. You have to have these defaults to create a better world. It is MANDATORY. There is no gain without the pain. Even Poland can see the consequences of their actions