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Deep Learning Analytics v Random Walk

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, my son came home from university for the the holidays. To my shock, we had our first intelligent conversation about the economy. He mentioned two things that opened my eyes very wide. First, he mentioned you and then said he believed what he read about random walk theory in school you have proven was wrong. When I asked him how did he come to discover your site, he said Google suggestions put you even ahead of Bloomberg. Do you have any intention in providing a text book that could be used to teach the next generation about the real world?

Thanks for all the amazing work you are contributing for free. You are helping the next generation and for Google to pick your site up in its recommendations demonstrates you are making a major impact.

Merry Christmas


ANSWER: That is interesting. One of our staff members just showed me the same thing. Google recommended our site for reading in finance and economics. My priority is in getting Socrates up. We are trying for January 1st. We have taken this beyond the “industry” notion of Artificial Intelligence. This is really a break through insofar as what we have accomplished. You will soon see the world as never before mapped out before your eyes.

I just finished writing a piece of code yesterday that has been 6 months of work to get to this point in an antilogarithm. I have been staring at a computer screen so much I am starting to need glasses to read. This is so unique we decided to call this technology Deep Learning Analytics for this is embarking not just on mimicking human intelligence, this is taking it one step beyond where we are exceeding the human capabilities of understanding. Accomplishing something extremely important is my goal that will revolutionize our comprehension of how the global economy even operates.



You are about to see the world moving before your eyes like never before. When this project is completed, then I have several books being edited right now. But I have no plans for a text book yet. I really have so much to accomplish I am not sure if I had two lifetimes left it would be enough to finish.

Forest-Masked Chaos

Suffice it to say, those who popularized Random Walk were incapable to seeing the patterns masked by chaos. This is what Socrates is accomplishing. This is now well beyond human understanding for it can see what people are blind to, yet bring it down into a comprehensible forecast that will then expand your own mind as you learn to see what others cannot.