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DEBT CRISIS – It Just Keeps Going

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Like the pink energizer Bunny, the DEBT CRISIS just keeps going. The solutions of the EU, IMF, and the USA, are simply brain-dead. They offer nothing to solve the problem and hope beyond dreams that some miracle will happen and it will all go away.


Greece has apparently cheated on its current deficit messages to the men in black – the notorious Troika once again. The Troika has now stated that they will continue their tests ONLY when NEW savings exist that go far beyond what the Greeks have planned thus far. They have no idea of the social chaos they are creating and this idea that austerity will somehow save the day without revising the monetary system is just insane. The Greek government now talks about how this is Troika Blackmail. What is unfolding in Athens is pushing the country closer and closer to civil war and revolution. The Troika are out of their minds.