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Danger of Conspiracy Theories

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If you want to hide something in plain view, exaggerate it to the point it becomes extreme and convert it to a conspiracy theory. This is a very standard in how to create propaganda and if you keep saying a lie, its becomes the truth to many without ever having to prove anything. To uncover the truth, takes digging. This I have discovered both in politics as well as market fundamentals.

The two big conspiracy theories to be exaggerated that cover up the truth are the 911 WTC Attack and the Kennedy Assassination. With the former, people take it to the extreme and claim there was not even an attack by terrorists and the whole thing was made up. Sorry, there was an attack and the government knew it was coming and allowed it to for three purposes

  • (1) eliminate the evidence on many cases in WTC7 including all my evidence that documented EVERY  market manipulation up to 1999 by the investment banks et al for which they are getting fined all the time today
  • (2) wipe out the evidence that would have exposed the missing $2 trillion in the Pentagon budget, and
  • (3) generate more power for government by allowing Americans to be victims as originally proposed in Operation Northwoods.


Now, that is far closer to the truth than claiming there was no Middle East terrorists involved at all, Strange, for that does not jive with Saudi Arabia threatening Russia with terrorism or the funding of ISIS to overthrow Syria which has now overthrown most of Iraq.

Patton George (1885-1945)Then there is the Kennedy Assassination spun to be the product of the Mafia or with Oswald’s Russian connection. Eisenhower in his Farewell Address warned of the vast military complex that had grown out of World War II employing over 3 million people. There was no such industry before that war and the view was now Communism would take the world. My father was a Colonel under General Patton and you to tell me all the time about him as a child how he read the books of his opponent and how he accurately predicted that the real enemy would be Stalin and wanted to go all the way to Moscow.


In the Third 1960 Presidential Debate, Kennedy exposed the truth behind the decline in the Bretton Woods System – it was the vast expenditure on the military. Her said:

Now on the question of gold. The difficulty, of course, is that we do have heavy obligations abroad, that we therefore have to maintain not only a favorable balance of trade but also send a good deal of our dollars overseas to pay our troops, maintain our bases, and sustain other economies. 

The price of silver was rising and Kennedy set in motion the withdraw of silver from the monetary system. This too has been spun into a conspiracy theory  Here they have spun JFK’s Executive Order 11110 into the Federal Reserve killed Kennedy because he was taking their power to print currency away. You just can’t get any more far-fetched than that one.

Simply put, JFK also said the US current account deficit could be stopped at any time if the government stopped expanding its military worldwide for that was sending dollars offshore. If anyone had a motive, it was the very same people behind the NSA abuse of power – not the Federal Reserve, Mafia, or Russians. Just follow the money and you get closer to the truth – i.e. Halliburton, Cheney and the Iraq War against a nation who was against religious fanatics, the very terrorists who attacked the USA – go figure that one out without following the money. We took out two dictators who kept religious fanatics in check -Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Gaddafi.

BTW, as soon as Halliburton was to be investigated, they moved to Dubai. Just follow the money.