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Cycle Inversions – Critical to Understand

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QUESTION: you write: could be a major protraction/cycle inverson. is this a flip flop? what happened to capitol flows? dow 21,000 possibly 31,000?


ANSWER: There MUST be a cycle inversion that takes place going into the end of this 51.6 Year Wave. If you do not understand cycles, you better start paying close attention. This is a chart of silver. It has a fixed cycle of 18 units. During the bull market, each target produced a high. Once the high was in place., the cycle INVERTS whereas what use to produce highs flips and produces lows. The target dates NEVER change – only what is produced!

We are laying this out in an important report. Cycles are moving in every market on a multi-dimensional level. In other words, there are cycles within cycles and when they converge, you get the Superposition outcome.

The year 1983 was the start of the breakout and 31.4 years warns of 2014 is important. The start of this wave was 1985 and that projects to 2016. The 2009 low also projects a normal phase reaction of 23 years and that gives us the peak of this wave in 2032.

We may see a high, with a brief  correct of max 2 years, that then would complete an early cycle inversion and project out into 2032. The high on such a protracted extension would then be idealized at 40-42,000 on the Dow. These issues will be illustrated in the coming report.

There is no flip-flopping. The TIME remains unchanged. The event differsand that is simply because the thinking process must reverse.