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Cycle Inversion & Staging Ground for 2032

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1-ECM 2032




Everything is setting up for 2032 and while the Economic Confidence Model is a global model, how individual markets are performing with it is a guide to the future. Gold rallied into 1979 rising from $100 to $400. Then the Phase Transition hit into 1980 taking it from $400 to $875. Interest rates peaked with the ECM in 1981 and gold bottomed in 1982, rallied into 1983 making everyone think the decline was over, and then it collapsed into 1985 for the start of this Private Wave.

We can see the inversion process relative to the ECM. Where in 1985 there was a low, with end up with a final low in 1999. Then look closely and we can see the high in 2011. This is setting that stage for what is coming in 2032.


In a basket of currencies the 1982 low in gold was the major one. The change in the currencies and the birth of the G5 in 1985 helped to compel gold into its final low for 1999. It was not an intentional manipulation for gold, it was a vain attempt to reduce the trade deficit. Currency will be critical going forward especially with the birth of electronic currency on the horizon.

We are publishing the gold report by next week. We have included gold in each currency with the reversal and timing arrays. That is in A$, C$, Euro, Swiss, Yen. and yes, Chinese Yuan. Currency will have a major impact going forward. A real BULL MARKET takes place ONLY when it rises in ALL currencies not just one.