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Corruption & the Rich

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There is little doubt that organizations have manipulated markets and even government. The higher you raise taxes, the higher the level of corruption. This is why I say that we should eliminate career politicians and the people should oversee the bureaucracy and all terms are one-time only for 1 year. There should be ONLY career people in the bureaucracy and nobody should be allowed in from a company and return to the private sector. Prosecutors should be for life – PERIOD.

The rules that pissed off Marx was especially the Long-Lease in Britain and why they had to return Hong Kong after the 100 years lease. This was a cruel custom to keep the wealth in the hands of particular families yet they were able to get the value of the property without selling it.

If we eliminate taxes, career politicians who need bribes to keep power, and prosecute real crime regardless of who conducts it, then much of the complaints about the rich will vanish with any pretend power. It is far more important to redistribute the power so that the people are equal than the wealth.

In many respects, the downside of Democracy/Republicanism is that it endorses mob rule. It is equally dangerous to allow religion to control the state as well. What if Muslim became the majority? Would it then be fair to compel women to hide their faces? There must be Freedom from Religion as well as Freedom of Religion just as there should be Freedom from Political Oppression instigated even by the rich.

Regardless of the origin of the group be it religion or wealth, the majority cannot suppress the minority or there is simply no freedom of anything.