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Corruption Corrupts Everything

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, Your staff have told us you do not pay attention to what other analysts say because you are always too busy. I just wanted to say once again you are the only person who has been right about the dollar. The vast majority of the analysis out there has been dead wrong on gold and the dollar while others keep calling for the Dow to fall to 1000. We greatly appreciate beyond belief your teachings. You are truly the lone voice in the wilderness. No wonder the NY Media stays away from you. Bloomberg erased you from their system entirely. What does this say about the integrity of New York? I really wonder if the New York crowd will ever allow that film to be shown in America.



REPLY: Thanks. No I do not follow anyone else so I am not up to date on who calls what these days. I really do not have the time. I have heard this about Bloomberg. Whenever there is a list of frauds, I am never in it. Indeed, it seems they all just want to pretend this whole thing never happened. The movie will no doubt meet resistance in the USA. Just as they accused North Korea in stopping Sony’s film, you can bet the New York crowd will leave no stone unturned to prevent the movie from showing in the States. I believe the film producer will do a world pay-per-view sort of thing in February or March. It hits the theaters in Germany during April.

Perhaps the American distributors will be intimidated by the New York crowd. They certainly control the courts, press, and Congress. What the heck, they just got Dodd-Frank overruled and the Volcker Rule suspended indefinitely. So I would not put it past them that they threaten any US distributors to prevent the film from showing in the USA. The special showing for those in the industry may be the only way Americans will see it. We will have to see.