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Conspiracy Theories = Communism

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Constantly people insist there has to be these “rich” trillionaires who are out to enslave all people and create some one-world government. It is power they want not money? Those in the private sector are only concerned about money. Goldman Sachs, I believe,  filled government spots to eliminate the power to prosecute them so they could make money – not run government. I believe this is propaganda creating sinister groups is instigated by the very people who want to send the world into communism. For to go get these mythical “rich”, you have to take all the rights away from everyone. Who is trying to gather everything under the sun? The Bilderberg Group? Don’t think so. Have you ever heard of the NSA?

The NSA is even trying to develop a quantum computer. This is the ultimate dream in computer technology. Traditional computers can attempt to crack encryption by several methods. However, they are all limited to generating possible keys necessary to unscramble data one at a time. What the NSA is seeking to develop is a quantum computer that will carry the same type of processing but simultaneously on all possible keys rather than progressively. The difficult part of creating a working quantum computer has been keeping these computational elements stable and functional to interact with each other to produce the final solution. If the NSA can do that, there is nothing anyone will ever have that is private again. It is government who buys the computers, tanks, guns, drones, and has troops – not Goldman Sachs or the Bilderberg Group. The ONLY possible reason to point to groups nobody can produce any hard evidence on to verify a single one of these wild conspiracy theories is to create a diversion from government and to justify that they need even more power because of these conspiracies.

Herbert Hoover  wrote in his memoirs that the inquisition against Wall Street was at his direction based on a phone call he received that was one of these conspiracy theories. He wrote…“I urged that the committee launch an  investigation  of practices of the  Exchange, with a view to legislation and I gave them much information to start on.  I was extremely loath to take this step as we had enough burdens to carry without all discouraging filth such exposure entailed…There was some doubt as to the constitutionality of the Federal control of the stock exchange …But when a representative government becomes angered, it will burn down the barn to get a rat out of it.”

No such short player was found to overpower the market for the purpose of destroying the Republican Party. But that was the popular conspiracy theory at that time. Or how about the one that there is no gold in Fort Knox. People will swear this is true – yet nobody can prove anything.

In Australia, they used this very tactic to raise taxes. They called it the Luxury Tax and they were targeting the rich bastards and their French Wines, Fur Coats, and Ferarris. Everyone cheered and voted YES. What was in the Luxury Tax? All electronic devices.

Every stock market crash began with the same theory of some mythical short player that forces the market down. Not a single investigation ever turned up this mythical short position that overpowered the market. Everyone was found to be long and lost in the 1929 Crash from Rockefeller on down.

Government is the culprit and it always has been throughout all centuries. Creating these images of bankers who want power, not money, is fantastic for it will empower the government to take everything you own.

Confusing 911 and economics is insane. The Government needed to get rid of WTC7 and the Pentagon to cover their own ass. They let 911 take place and I have stated before the first World Trade Center terrorists were in MCC NYC and were given the markers by Officer Kumb. They drew the world trade center towers on the wall of their cell with airplanes going into it one year before. They prosecuted Lynne Stewart who was a famous civil rights attorney who was known for representing controversial, poor, and often unpopular defendants. She was convicted on charges of conspiracy and providing material support to the terrorists in prison in 2005. They said she passed notes back and forth to the outside world for them. Anyone who questions what I know took place in MCC, feel free to use the Freedom of Information Act to get the photos. If you paid CLOSE attention to the reason WHY they created Home Land Security, it was because such evidence existed in various departments and was not properly “shared” with other agencies.

Conspiracy Theory Ahead

WHY people have to insist it is some sinister group when government lies to them all the time and is engage in power, I really do not understand. The only reason to make this shit up that they cannot prove is to help government take all our rights just as Hoover launched his investigation from which the SEC was born even though they found no short position. Create these groups, and you will hand government MORE power.

Thomas Jefferson put it best: “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Even if these conspiracy theories were true, what will you do about it? Ask for help from government? These theories make people fear not government but sinister groups nobody can put their finger on. Jefferson also said: “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” Those who are so desperate to disagree with me had better look at what they are saying. You are either with the people or government – there is no third choice. It was this same pointing at the rich that justified the Russian Revolution and the confiscation of all wealth. Is that what you really want?