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Conspiracy – Or Just One Step at a Time?

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QUESTION: You say there was no CIA plot in Ukraine and I can see that not even Britain was willing to send troops to Ukraine because of this popular story of a CIA instigated revolution. The feeling in Europe is precisely that. To defend Ukraine would be another Iraq and America cannot be trusted. Whilst that is the general belief here, was it is not true that the CIA was behind the destruction of your company after you refused to build them a computer? That is what a lot of your former staff said here in the City [of London].


ANSWER: As in markets where people try to reduce everything to a single cause and effect, the conspiracy theorists take bits and pieces and connect the dots to create a single mysterious group that is behind everything. What was done to PEI is indeed a classic case. Yes, the CIA wanted me to build a computer for them after our model predicted the collapse of Russia That the FT broadcast in advance on its front page of the second section. True I declined. It is also true that within 6 months PEI was attacked. I have a copy of the slide presentation prepared by the lawyers for Republic National Bank that outright lied misrepresenting their illegal trading as me to hide those losses from the Japanese when I owned the accounts – not the Japanese.


Those in the Justice Department were ignorant of international currency transactions and in the criminal complaint they stated that they “have been informed by the attnorneys for Republic Bank”. The US Government did not even do the analysis. The notes were in yen which was what we owed – Japanese yen. What the dollar did was irrelevant – they were not dollar based notes. This was Safra trying to save his sale of the bank for $10 billion to HSBC. Then HSBC did its own due diligence and found the allegations were false and backed out. The allegations were all based on dollars not the currency of the note denomination – yen.

Safra-EdmondSafra then had to reduce his personal shares by $1 billion and agree to indemnify HSBC. Why? If the public got anything less, then they would have sued Republic/HSBC and the truth would come out. So Edmond took the haircut personally to prevent any lawsuit by shareholders.

I have the documents. So I know HOW this began and who did what. There was no coordinated group behind everything. It was one step at a time. Just as in Ukraine the West seizes the situation of a grassroots uprising to use it for its own benefit. This is how it always comes down – one step at a time – not some giant scheme carried out over decades. It is always the same pattern.


Geist AndrewAlan Cohen was just a lawyer at O’Melveny & Myers. He becomes the receiver for he can control Judge Owen being his former law clerk and a friend at the request of the SEC. Who at the SEC requested Cohen? Andrew J. Geist. Why? Geist then left the SEC and joined as a partner O’Melveny & Myers. His self-interest I believe was just money. He was bringing in to his new firm a huge profit.

Tancred Schiavoni I believe covered everything up when He realized the bank lied to start the case. He handed $70 million to a company to get rid of the money after the US Attorney said that firm was entitled to nothing. It has been Schiavoni who has refused to obey court orders and return even my library no less any documents.

Owen RichardThe case was steered to Judge Owen by the SEC to ensure they could control the case and moved to make sure there were no lawyers allowed even though corporations cannot be represented by a director. Nobody bothers with the law because they know it will take you years to get to the Supreme Court and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals is in the pocket of the Justice Department. So there is no possible way to obtain a fair trial in New York City. It will NEVER happen.


Goldman Sachs then hired Alan Cohen and put him directly on the board. This has never been done before. I believe because Cohen then seized all the evidence documenting the manipulation of markets to protect the other banks including files and many taped phone calls including with people at Goldman. The Princeton office was raided and Socrates was unplugged and taken to a special lab in NYC located in the World Trade Center – the old Saloman Brother’s building. They turned it on and discovered it had self-destructed. They then in writing demanded I turnover the source code or PEI would be shut down. I said go ahead, you will never get the code.

So here you have evidence that this has nothing to do with pretend missing money. The US press ignored the simple fact that how could you get $1 billion out of a bank and nobody knows where it is? That is a 747 full of cash. Was I supposed to walk into the bank with a brown paper bag? You cannot move that kind of money without a bank wire and then you know precisely where it went. Oops! The press never bothered to ask that simple question and every time to told Bloomberg News, they refused to ever ask or print my version.

TR01072002 - HSBC Criminal Plea

Gee. I was released and didn’t owe anything. HSBC pleaded guilty and had to pay $640 million because it never left the bank. Oops. But then you have careers at stake who filed complaints without any investigation whatsoever just doing as the banks told them. The head prosecutor quickly resigned after my case ended. He stayed to protect his career in my belief.

Owens-Richard D 1-9-2002 Transcript

First Republic pleads guilty to $700 million. The the head prosecutor Richard D. Owens explains to the court on January 9th, 2002 that in reality the notes were in yen not dollars and now Republic only needs to pay $650 million but the yen remained the same. Then 30 days later, it is now $606 million. Owens handed HSBC $400 million in profits belonging to Princeton.

Amazingly, when it comes to the banks, suddenly the government lawyers understand the transactions were in yen not dollars. Did they release me? Of course not. They would have to then admit they were wrong from the outset. But the press remains silent and will never go against the government in NYC. It is no different from Russia’s Pravda. They are all the same regardless of the country. Free Press does not actually exist. Bloomberg is establishment.

Now, this is the sequence of events. Yes, you can create a conspiracy and say Goldman, CIA, and Safra all coordinated together to accomplish this. But the more likely than not truth, it is a sequence of independent events one step at a time that cascades into a mess they never foresaw.

This is where the conspiracy buffs go wrong. They create false images of all-powerful groups that mysteriously manipulate the world for purposes that vary between world dominance to just greed. They cannot see that these are separate groups colliding and at times fighting among each other. You cannot get the people in Congress to ever agree. I do not see how it is possible to have some unified secret group that everyone agrees and extended for hundreds of years. This is inconsistent with human nature.

Now look at Ukraine. These conspiracy theorists just have to denigrate the people and presume it is some CIA plot so nobody cares about them. The people are incidental to them and incapable of rising up on their own. They deny human nature exists yet yell there is some all-powerful group to which I am blind. To them, the American Revolution and French Revolution are propaganda and the people were never capable of rising up on their own. They not only fail to understand politics yet claim to know everything about it without ever stepping behind the curtain to witness anything.


These people project nothing but speculation connecting dysfunctional groups and linking them to statements of David Rockefeller to justify as proof. This idea of a one world government would eliminate war is stupidity. But it was behind the drive to create a Federalized Europe. Nevertheless, that is not proof that some group controls the world. Nobody can. It is just amazing for they cannot comprehend the trend or how separate events can lead to false conclusions and ignore human emotions that historically are pressed to the point of revolution. There is no political system that has ever lasted intact because there is a correction process that comes from the grass-roots that we call – REVOLUTION. Pay attention to the real danger – government desperate for cash. This is what we are facing – the loss of liberty comes from government, not dreams of people like Rockefeller. His net worth of $2.8 billion is not very much in the scheme of things.

I have even sat at a Washington Dinner at the table with environmentalists who thought I and a friend Dick Fox being associated with Temple University were kin to their thinking. Their agenda is to reduce population growth using the environmental issues as the weapon to hide their true motives. This is the agenda behind global warming and the argued UN Article 21. We let them talk and then my friend Dick Fox who was Chairman of Temple University and the Fox Business School is names after him finally sprung the question on them. Whose grandchild are we trying to prevent from being born? Your’s or mine?

The Democrats have been sold on this environmentalist agenda, but I guarantee they have never heard what I heard that night. Obama is not into depopulation; he is just stupid and believes in global warming blaming cars and factories for the past 120 years being capable of changing the planet long-term. Obama is using the environmental movement not to depopulate, but to raise money and tax using the same theory of cigarettes just calling it the carbon taxes. The conspiracy theorists would then link Obama to depopulation as the secret agenda rather than agreeing further tax collection.

These people remain blind to the motives behind such taxes and cannot grasp that politicians are only about money. If you said 10 million people will die next year unless you such down some program, you would quickly find their response would be they do not believe it. Reverse the issue and say 10 million people will die unless we reduce carbon emissions and they will rally to the cause if they can justify some new tax. Even John McCain voted to apply mandatory tax collection of state sales taxes and when asked he was for raising taxes, he said oh no. He was just enforcing what was there.

These conspiracy theorists connect everything as if some single mind controls everything. They cannot point to a single thing this group has done without speculation or bold statements they were behind it. Nor can they provide any name of this person. Yet they swear they exist.

We face a convergence of special interests that are colliding. The greatest threat we face is government, not these special interest groups. It is government that competes for power and money against the private sector. It is their thirst for money to support their existence that transforms society into economic slaves. Still, they deny the people of Ukraine even the slightest respect and dignity to entertain that just perhaps the average person is capable of rising up against their oppressor. No. They can only see CIA plots and ignore the people caught between these two opposing dark forces – the USA v Russia.

They refuse to consider what if there is nobody actually in charge? What happens when all of these conflicting self-interests collide? Historically, you get revolution. That is the only way this will be resolved. You cannot overpower the trend and the debt that sustains the system is starting to crumble. They tech global warming to children in school and they have helped to reduce the birth rates. But then the pension system cannot be sustained. The system is always self-correcting for there is nothing we can do to stop this trend – it just has to burst. These people are too caught up in conspiracy to see what the Ukrainian people were fighting for was a grass-roots uprising against a system that is out of control with corruption. Not be a single mind, but by a collective of self-interests that do not work to enrich a single entity as in a comic book, but to fill their pockets with no contemplation about the end game – they got their’s.