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Congress Will Increase The Deficit By 20% This Year

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There is little doubt that the elected Republicans will fail to change Washington’s economic direction. According to Forbes, Republicans are planning to increase the deficit by 20% this year. This decision is setting the stage for a Third Party run in 2016. It does not matter if we elect a Democrat or Republican – neither will do anything different.

To rise to the head of either ticket, candidates have to kiss so much ass that they will never be a leader anymore. I laugh at those who ask me during on-air interviews, “Would you ever consider running for President?”. There is no such thing as “considering”, no one will ever get a slot in either party coming in from the outside.

Our only hope will be to elect a Third Party candidate, who is not obligated to kiss ass in either party. With the Republicans trying to defeat the conservative Tea Party within its own ranks under Boehner’s leadership, the split is starting to fester. Rand Paul had better look elsewhere as Boehner conspired against his father and all his friends. Do you really think that this nut job will standby and allow anyone to upset his power base?

This will be a very interesting 2016 election period. With the economy turning down, the pain threshold will rise. The lack of liquidity will be a huge problem if everyone in dollar debt begins to scramble to cover their dollar shorts of nearly $15 trillion+ in external dollar loans. This can send the dollar soaring and yet there will be no offers. Banks have reduced dealing lines and this entire situation is looming as a perfect storm in the months ahead.

Let the wild times roll.