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CONFUSED about the DOW

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DJIND-D 3-5-2015 DJIND-W 3-5-2015

QUESTION:  Is your computer saying the DJIA will crash around 2015.75 ?

ANSWER: All will be revealed soon enough. There may be an initial correction, the FALSE MOVE, but there does not appear to be any major crash. Near-term, the Dow is still contained.  So no real blast to the upside.

We really are working full speed. We are dividing the service into three main categories. We will have a simple service identifying the trend for INVESTORS. Then there will be the service with arrays and reversals for the TRADERS. The third level will be for the INSTITUTIONAL clients geared to global portfolios and business.

We will have services where you can enter your sales data on your own company and we will generate a business forecast of your company no matter how small.

The system is global, so it will provide the analysis in your base currency. If you are in China, Japan, India, Russia, Europe, or South America, Middle East or even Africa, you will be able to obtain forecasting to your perspective.

As we roll out the other releases, you will have access to all traded stocks globally from China to Europe. You will have the ability to create a market watch and the computer will send you alerts for changes in trend on whatever you place into that watch.

This is just scratching the surface. The key – this is all generated by the computer so no human emotions will get in the way and there will be no such things as politically-correct forecasts.