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Computer v Human Interpretation

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Martin Armstrong Capital Flows

From a human perspective, we are only capable to forecasting what we THINK is possible. The questions about knowledge and relationships are interesting but understand one thing. Nobody is capable to knowing everything. We are all human. The computer model is a fully functioning Artificial Intelligence System that learns like a child, and stores its knowledge the same as we do. The difference is simply it never gets tired and it never forgets. The world is non-linear and one person’s opinion is still an opinion subject to error.

Verbal Inquiry

The computer understands English and responds to questions. It is consistent. Checks everything all the time, does not get a headache nor a hangover. But most of all, it has consistently beaten human analysis for decades because it looks at the entire world. Humans naturally try to reduce everything to a single dimension whereas the computer is not prejudiced with assumed relationships but explores the world freely and returns with information that will blow your mind.

Sorry – it ain’t me.