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The reason we need a computer to monitor the world is a rather stark reality that complexity is astonishing. Yes you can work out a cycle on an individual market. But what happens when that market is impacted by a cycle from an external source? The resulting wave motion becomes complex. The person incapable of expanding their mind is trapped in a two-dimensional world and tries to find fault with everything so he can remain in his bubble. Such people are the sheep that must be slaughtered for they are the fools who form the majority that create the panics when they are wrong. Complexity alters the cycle of a single market and therein lies the constant challenge.


Have I solved the mystery of everything? No not yet. But what I have learned so far is that the wonder of everything never ends and is addicting fascination. Cycles are the essence of life. They are how we are born, live, and die. Everything is governed by cycles for this is the basic element upon which the universe if constructed – the Secret Cycle.


No matter what it might be, there is a secret hidden order that unless we pay attention, you will never see. Strangely enough, it is right before our eyes, yet the majority are too blind to see its splendor and wonder.