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Comment from Portugal – Indicative of Worldwide Political Crisis

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Hi Mr. Armstrong.
I have been in Portugal for the last week. Here too people are fed up with politicians. Even in the country side the cities and towns are building unnecessary infrastructure (example of roundabouts in every single small intersection) just so they can raise taxes. People cite the unreasonable increase in property taxes and other taxes. Bogus fines for traffic tickets that they did not incur in (example of an infraction on a Vespa scooter for going through the electronic tag lane in the capital when this vehicle has never been in the capital 200 miles away) yet they refuse to remove the charge and are assessing interest and penalties. Threatening to levy a lean on their house. A family member owes 2009 registration for a car he never owned. Yet when he went to the DMV office to complain they said, we understand but why don’t you just pay it and be done, otherwise you will have to write a letter and it will take forever. Penalties still apply.
It is getting crazy! People are saying there is no one to choose from in elections because they all do the same.
Yes people are fed-up with politicians.
The failure of Bank Espírito Santo has marked a turning point in the country where everyone says. Al bankers are things who are in bed with our politicians.

REPLY: I cannot tell you how many emails are coming in from around the world reporting similar activities. This appears to be really a major crisis on the horizon with 2015.75 with respect to government. Socialism has been about expanding government and lining their pockets with pensions – not helping the average person. I am really shocked at the overwhelming mail coming in from around the world.