Comment from a Reader on Gates – The Truth Comes Out When You Leave Office

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COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

All I could think of was you after listening to Robert Gates’ response to the question about a serious threat to US national security.

BOB SCHIEFFER: And welcome back to Face the Nation and as promised more from our interview with the former Defense Secretary and we pick up where we left off when we asked him if he considered Russia a serious threat to our national security.

SECRETARY ROBERT GATES: I think the greatest national security threat to this country at this point is the two square miles that encompasses the Capitol building and the White House.

BOB SCHIEFFER: How do you mean that?

SECRETARY ROBERT GATES: If we can’t get some of our problems solved here at home, if we can’t get our finances in a more ordered fashion, if we can’t begin to tackle some of the internal issues that we have, if we can’t get some compromises on the Hill that move the country forward, then I think these foreign threats recede significantly into, as far as being a risk to the well-being and the future of this country.


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REPLY: People who have no real exposure BEHIND THE CURTAIN make up wild scenarios that embrace people who are super intelligent and hell-bent upon some world domination or other plot. If they saw what I saw in Washington, they would be unable to sleep at night.

I did my best to try to help the nation. I have testified on the Hill, working on trying to turn the Social Security fund into a national wealth fund that really invested, argued against interest expenditures as far back as the Reagan Administration, and screamed bloody murder at stupid attempts to talk markets up and down not to mention the brain-dead decisions of QE1 and QE2 that bought 30 year bonds in to try to support the real estate market without any comprehension that the debt was not exclusively domestic. This was exactly the same reasoning with Obamacare that everyone had to have maternity leave and guys who were in their 60s unmarried suddenly had their insurance cancelled because they were not covered for maternity leave. Only people who go right from school into government make such decisions because they never had a real job in their life. Yet these are the people who are so smart, they control the world. Give me a break. I have looked into their eyes and found them vacant.


If I wrote to the White House or to the Treasury, I got the personal response. You do not get that without inside knowledge. People can argue and offer opinions all day. If they have not been inside this 2 mile radius of the White House, they have no idea how things work or how we are completely out of control with nobody planning anything beyond the next week or month.

kristol-billI knew Bill Kristol. He was Chief of Staff in the Bush White House for Dan Quayle. When he left office, he admitted to me that it was nothing like he thought. It was battle after battle and worrying that Quayle spelled potato wrong. Now Benghazi has both sides scrambling. You know how bad it is when MSNBC rants how this is a waste of time. They are scared to death they won’t get their Hillary.

Our GREATEST threat is residing right there in Washington, DC. These are the people who are destroying the economy on a massive global scale and cannot grasp anything other than what is immediately in front of their nose. They are incapable of long-term planning. It does NOT EXIST in Washington.,