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You have indicated  a subscription based service coming soon.

Any ideas of the charges ?

ANSWER: Our staff from around the world are all in Switzerland. We are working hard to get the systems up. Under Swiss law, no names may be stored on any computer system outside of Switzerland. So the systems for security purposes are outside the EU and USA.

What we are attempting to establish is a PER ACCESS arrangement. The cost will vary based upon the number of accesses purchased. But cost will be as low as $5 each that will include the array and technical charts daily if you like. You will buy accesses and can pull down reports on any market. This will open the world to all clients. We will start with that. You will also be able to take an annual subscription to a given market if you want it delivered every day. The market watch is functioning. That will become available as well. We hope to have the first reports online for November 1st.

Eventually, you will be able to put your portfolio on the system fully secured in Switzerland and the computer will alert you to any buy or sell signal on that instrument. You can set it to short-term, intermediate, or long-term as well as hedging.

This will be the most sophisticated system available to the public. Portfolio monitoring for thousands of stocks, indexes, and commodities will be available for institutional clients. We will have terminals available for big portfolios that will link back to our systems for updates.