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Collapsing the Economy Makes No Sense

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COMMENT: So government has no interest in collapsing the economy, but they do in collapsing the Twin Towers as you intimated?  We’re all a bit looney in our own way I guess.


REPLY: Follow the money. 911 expanded their power and got rid of an investigation into $2.3 trillion missing money at the Pentagon Rumsfeld said he would investigate one day before 911. Of course the plane hit ONLY the room where all the evidence was stored ending that investigation. WTC 7 had way too much evidence they needed eliminated. However, the Twin Towers was really a terrorist attack they LET HAPPEN for the guys in MCC New York drew the Twin Towers on the wall of their prison cell with airplanes going into them 1 year BEFORE! They knew it and used it as cover and to expanded their power. The Pentagon and WTC7 were convenient eliminations. Stay with the evidence. Painting everything with the same brush loses credibility.


They are going after the bankers now with major fines for the first time. J.P.Morgan was hit with $13 billion fine for its mortgage scam, then there is the Whale Trade and more. They are concerned about civil unrest that could lead to revolution. Government cannot control the economy any more than lowering interest rates helped Japan, USA, or Europe. It is always about their power. Collapsing the economy would produce what advantage? They are the Financial Capital of the World. Why would they even want to collapse that? I honestly do not understand this sort of reasoning. Where’s the benefit to them? The dollar would not be the reserve currency. They would lose everything in their basket of power trips. It makes no sense. Not even Bush would come up with that one.