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Class Action Lawsuit Forming Against FATCA

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The single worst law ever passed was FATCA. The damage this single act has already had is startling. Americans are being denied business accounts everywhere outside the USA. This is contributing to the demise of the USA as the Financial Capital of the World setting the stage for the passing of that title to China.

Any Americans who have been personally harmed by FATCA can contact a lawyer mounting a Class Action Case. Send your email and we will forward it to the lawyer. Those who have been prejudiced or their children by the worldwide reach of FATCA should make contact.




Here is the timeline of FATCA. This will get much worse with time. If you have been impacted by FATCA, you should join in. This will not be filed in New York, where the case would be buried to say the least.

Send a link to anyone you know has been harmed by FATCA.