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Civil Forefeiture Laws are Funding Pensions

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I have explained that the fall of Rome was accelerated by a trend where generals would move to usurp the throne and troops would support these ventures. Why would the military turn against their own people? The reason was simple. It was all about their profits and pensions. During the 3rd century, numerous generals were declared “emperor” by the troops. Any city that opposed them was sacked. Maximinus I laid siege to Aquileia. The troops got rich sacking Roman cities.

We have the same problem emerging today. As state and city coffers are empty, they are using the laws to raise money. In New Jersey they have placed cameras at red lights. One gives out some 30,000 tickets per month. One friend got a ticket there because they stopped for the light about 6″ past the white line on the street.

They are also using the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws to confiscate valuables in NYC. The money is going to fund pensions. This is the downside of what we face. This is turning man against his brother until society no longer functions. All because politicians promise the moon, yet fund nothing.