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Christine Lagarde's Term at IMF Ends in July

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On Wednesday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) began the selection process for its next managing director to replace Christine Lagarde whose term will expire in early July. She was actually nominated by Obama for they were personal friends. It was Lagarde who effectively began the worldwide assault on tax havens by threatening them with isolation and the removal from the SWIFT system. She was also behind the attack on the Vatican that will force them to report all wires and parties on both sides for the tax nightmare that arrives in 2017.

The Executive Board will select three candidates from the nominations — that is unless Obama directs them to appoint another person against society to hunt down money for wasteful governments to support their pensions. The nominations should be in quickly and the selection process should be complete by March 3. The next member of the Troika governing Europe’s fate will begin their reign of economic terror on July 5.