China to Become Financial Capitol of World – But Not Yet.

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QUESTION: Hi Martin,

I read that China is going to be the core economy of the world. Does this mean we should focus our funds on Chinese banks, tech firms, oil companies etc? Especially since the NSA saga, tech companies from the US will have a harder time doing business in China and this in turn help Chinese tech firms grow even faster with the support of their government and economical demand?

Your thoughts please?

Thanks and regards,

ANSWER: No not yet. China should bottom by 2020. They are in the growing stage and it takes time. The West with the NSA is destroying the very core that created the global economy with they attack upon the private sector. They are not hunting terrorists – it is you and your money. They could not prevent the Boston Bombing nor even the latest attack. Look at the pilot suicide. Now they have revealed he was searching the internet to secure the door and commit suicide. This proves they can call everything up you did AFTER THE FACT. They cannot prevent anything.

InvisibleHand-DanielleThis is the same thing as the Mouth of Truth in Venice and the Stassi in East Germany. When government feels threatened, they turn against their own people and it marks then end of times for that political system. So unfortunately they are tearing apart the very reason why you create a civilization – everyone comes together for cooperation creates and economy by the INVISIBLE HAND. This is what Smith observed which is far more robust than if we were still individuals and tribal. The NSA is doing the very thing that destroyed Rome and every other society. So the West is FINISHED.

The Solution I set forth is trying to hold on to something. The British Empire collapsed, but in Britain they continued. Britain now has the highest debt in Europe on a per capita basis and this was the reason which we saw the Scottish vote to separate. The USA is being destroyed by the same process. Boehner’s audacity to hire people to defeat the Tea Party Republicans and to throw off any committee such people having to do with finance demonstrates this is all about them – not you.

1-ECM 2032

You will begin to see China rally even stronger on the next cycle. I have stated before, by the end of this current Private Wave where the government of the West commit suicide, China should be the financial capitol of the world in 2032.

We ourselves are preparing our Chinese sites. Our services are not blocked in China as most others for we are non-political. You will see our site in a matter of days in China. We have staff located there now as well.