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China Supports Russia – Former Countries of the Soviet Block in Crisis Many Believe they are Next

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China has come out in support of Russia. This is the real cost of the NSA. Spying on  everything has cost America its respect and its allies. Obama is a lawyer, clearly not a political strategist nor a historian. If you are married and distrust your spouse to the point you monitor them, listen into their phone calls, rummage through their emails, hire private detectives to follow them, would you say this is the foundation of a marriage? It is the same in politics and he has pissed off a lot of people creating not just a new Cold War, but an era of isolationism where the world is not so friendly anymore.

While Obama and Draghi seem to be the worse possible people at the helm at the precise correct time the world needs war, the entire former Soviet bloc is scared to death. All our sources are clamoring for forecasts from the computer at this point. Governments are huddling together in the wake of Europe’s impudence. The government in Czech Republic has informed Russia it should not invade and are meeting urgently as reported by the Prague Post. We will be adding the entire sector to the Global Market Watch, Russia, Poland, Czech, Romania, and Bulgaria for starters.

For all those asking the facts on troops, Russia has an overall military force of about 845,000 troops against Ukraine’s 130,000. Russia’s military spending is also vastly greater than Ukraine’s, US$40.7 billion last year compared with US$1.4 billion for Ukraine.