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China Allows Snowden to Leave Hong Kong & seek asylum in Ecuador

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China Allows Snowden to Leave Hong Kong & seek asylum in Ecuador in a huge blow to Obama. President, Rafael Vicente Correa has offered asylum now to Snowden as well as Assange. The US expected Hong Kong to hand over Snowden, but China must have intervened to allow Snowden to leave, for Hong Kong would have had to turnover Snowden according to US demands.

Snowden is seeking asylum in Ecuador traveling through Russia, Cuba and then possibly through Venezuela. Julian Assange, the Australian editor of Wikileaks, is under the protection of the Ecuadorian embassy in London since June 19th, 2012. He has remained there since the USA has been trying to extradite him where they would no doubt imprison him for life if not try to have him executed for treason for exposing the corruption within the US government. The Ecuadorian President, Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado, has criticized in his own country for controlling the media, yet he offers protection from “imperialist nations.” The source of his distrust of the USA stems from the treatment of his father.

President Correa’s background is rooted in education and economics. He spent his earlier years in education and served as a director at the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) after volunteering at a pre-school in remote village in Ecuador for a year. His wife is also a teacher. President Correa studied economics in Belgium and the US. His questioning of the US was after his father spent five years and a half years in prison after being convicted of smuggling drugs into the US and witnessing the lack of due process of law and the 99% conviction rate. In December 2008, Correa declared Ecuador’s national debt illegitimate, and defaulted on over $3 billion worth of bonds eventually reducing the debt by 60%. Mr Correa said he had given the order not to approve debt default describing the international lenders as “monsters”.


When one looks historically at the national debts of all nations, you cannot help but notice that rapidly the bulk of the debt because merely interest extracting the wealth of the people. This is the same process in the USA where 70% of the total debt is accumulative interest payments that did nothing for the pretended “social” justice used to justify it. This trend is impacting the entire world and is destroying our future. Everyone will be forced into default for no nation has every paid its debt except Romania at a huge deflationary expense to its people.

Snowden should be careful for everything could change in Ecuador with a different President and the USA is not beyond manipulating the election process of other countries. China would have been a much better choice.