Change Only Comes from the Bottom-up

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The Republican staff are all meeting in Virginia right now. The 800 pound gorilla is the upcoming debt ceiling vote. Of course, they are explaining that there can be no confrontation over this. So they are trying to convince everyone to vote for it and what is your problem.

Effectively, the staffers are the real people who run the country. There is no realization that anything is seriously wrong. All they are doing is focusing on how to repackage what the are doing and sell it better. It’s a branding problem from their viewpoint. We have not reached that moment in time when there is any realization that a crisis is even brewing beyond a handful of people.

All the talk about various proposals from gold standards on down are just seen as the tin-foil-hat crowd. You will never sell such ideas for they must be practical. Why would anyone vote for something that eliminates their own job? To the vast majority, there is no problem. If there is going to be any change it MUST come from the ground up. Look at Nigel Farage. He has gained respect only because of the vote. That is it! They respect nothing else and have tuned him out. When the people start listening, then and ONLY then will we see political change. You cannot change anything from the top down. It must come from the bottom up.

Consequently, any SOLUTION must think through every aspect. Who does what and how? These are essential elements of real reform. How can it work going forward.