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Central Banks Buying Shares & Selling Gold?

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What is interesting is that those who manage the more than $11 trillion in reserves for central banks know more than what they are revealing. Previously, on April 4th we reported that China’s debt holding in Euros fell to BELOW 7%.

We have been collecting the raw data on the reserve holdings and will report shortly on that breakdown. However, what has been going on is nothing but shocking. While the gold promoters are touting hyperinflation, the central bank reserves have been diversifying and moving into TOP BLUE CHIP STOCK!!!!!!! Yes – you read correctly.


Even when the Federal Reserve was originally formed in 1913, to “stimulate” the economy it once upon a time bought corporate paper. When World War I came, the politicians told the Fed it had to buy only US government paper – not corporate. During World War II, the Fed was ordered to support US government bonds at PAR until 1950.They thereafter began a crash and burn nosedive for 31 years into 1981.

Some central banks appear poised to sell gold to raise money given they have no intent to return to a gold standard. This is the shadow behind the advice to Cyprus to dump gold. Meanwhile, Switzerland had recalled its gold because the US was going after them for helping Americans avoid taxes. The Swiss hold 70% of their gold reserves at home, 20% is held by the Bank of England, and 10% by Canada. They removed all gold from the USA. Thus, those who said Germany would find the US vaults empty, have been proven wrong by the Swiss who preceded the Germans on that score.