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Cash = Money Laundering

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It is actually a documented fact that unless you have cash that was hidden from the 1930s, the likelihood of there being drug residue on the notes is greater than 80% with $100 bills. They can seize cash now under money laundering laws and it becomes your burden to proven even why you have the cash. A man who was carrying $153,000 in cash found that the money was seized and he was accused of money laundering just having possession of cash. It will now cost him at least 3 times that amount to defend with lawyers. He cannot even walk way.


This is the problem when government eliminates the Innocent until Proven Guilty right. Here is a political protest note from England where they made it death to possess a counterfeit Bank of England note. The problem was you were hanged for just possessing it ASSUMING possession was the same as counterfeiting. This is what they have done to the money laundering laws. You are presumed guilty and it becomes your burden to prove even why you have cash. And people actually think government will return to tangible coins or gold back currency? Come on! They want to eliminate all cash.

Yet the story illustrates another point and the whole danger of the NSA. They justify the seizure by a police officer merely putting in an affidavit saying the money was wrapped the way drug dealers do. I saw this with the Mafia prosecutions. Because they knew the FBI always tapped their phones, they would never speak on the phone. If the FBI then had a tape and the target even said “pick up two pizzas on the way home” the FBI agent got on the stand and said in his vast years of experience, “pizza” was a code word for “keys of cocaine”.

The problem this presents is they can say any word you use really means something else and you used code words because now everyone knows the NSA listens to every phone call, reads every text message, collects every email, watches every Skype phone call, tracks everything we search through Google, and creates circles of connections from Facebook etc, anyone really doing anything would be out of their minds to use any such media. And for drones and helicopters, when they can listen to conversation between two people standing on a street corner from more than a mile away and use face recognition to identify them, is there any place safe anymore? Don’t forget the black-box chips in our cars that can tell them where we were and how fast we got there.

Because of the NSA surveillance, absolutely ANYTHING you say can be sworn to by a government agent to be a code word for something else. You will be guilty of whatever they say and you have ZERO rights to protect you. The Constitution is as good as your wallet to pay for lawyers because they do as they like and it is ALWAYS your burden to prove you have any rights whatsoever.Welcome to the REAL America – yes the land of the FREE (government agents are “free” to do as they like first and you prove they are wrong) and the home of the BRAVE (where they have the courts stacked and are brave because government agents are never prosecuted for their crimes).


This is the real world where rights honestly do not exist. When I was in the gold business in the late 1970s, an elderly man came in and was watching our ticker with prices from the exchange. He had a brown shopping back he was holding and said to me “Kid, how many Krugerrands  would half a million buy?” I put the number into the calculator and gave him the answer. He said ok, he would take them. He handed me the brown bag, said here, I will be right back, I will get the other $250,000 it’s in the car. I opened the bag and it was full of cash. It smelled. And as I looked at it, it was all from the Great Depression. I told the story to someone locally and they told me who he was. His family had been the largest land holders on the East Coast. They lost money in banks, so they built their own vault in their house and never used banks again. Today, the government would ASSUME it was illegal when they paid their taxes, they just did not trust banks.