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Canada & Bitcoin

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 Is The Forecaster playing anywhere near Vancouver, BC?
Have your thoughts on bitcoin changed at all? We are opening up in Brazil shortly.

ANSWER: I believe the film has already been signed up by distributors throughout Canada. I am not sure when and where. I really am not in that loop. I will show up for the premiere in Berlin I believe in the theaters. I am told that will be a huge gathering. When, I am not quite sure yet. This Spring. It is my hope that this goes to the average person on the street and explains to them the problem rather than the hype. The occupy Wall Street movement was interesting, but not focused. As I said, they were camped out in front of my office in the City. When I walked out, someone yelled at me that I was a “Corporate Liberal”. I just laughed because I had no idea what they even meant and I doubt they even grasped what they were saying. What is that? Someone who runs a company and gives the money away?


With Bitcoin my only concern is that government has the guns, tanks, and the pen. All I can do is warn about how the government let the tax-straddles go for years when people started using futures to push profits from one year to the next. Then they came in and fined the brokers for selling them and hit everyone retroactively with interest and penalties going back to the beginning.


So all I can do is look at is how these people play with us. The idea that Bitcoin can circumvent government currencies and taxes I just do not buy. I suspect these people are licking their chops to rush in. That is my only concern. You cannot withdraw $3,000 in cash without them freaking out. They will an underground economy exist? I seriously doubt it.