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Can the Internet Also Replace Career Politicians?

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QUESTION: Marty, why does politics attract such corrupt people? It seems to be a global problem?



ANSWER: I have actually thought a lot about this issue and I believe it boils down to the old problem of when the cat’s away the mice will play. Career politicians fall into the natural human trap where they effectively have no restraint. They quickly realize that the people do not pay attention to anything. They are more concerned about sports and TV shows than they are about how government is administered. We get what we pay for.

It is the same thing with an employee. Treat them fairly and they take advantage. Excuse being late and they gradually drift in later and later. Children do the same. A child will routinely play one parent against the other to get their way. So if there is nobody there really making them do the right thing, they end up taking advantage. There is little respect for the public no matter what these people profess. That is just the way it is. Sorry.

Those who followed California’s gun debate may remember State Senator Leland Yee’s (D-Calif.) tireless efforts to increase gun control and safety in his state. It seemed genuine on the surface. However, Senator Yee was caught conspiring to illegally deal firearms alongside known gangster Kwok Cheung Chow, a.k.a. Shrimp Boy, a.k.a. the “dragon head” of the Ghee Kung Tong Freemason lode in San Francisco. The  FBI investigation was damming as was the subsequent indictment. You can read the transcripts from the FBI investigation, and they’re rather shocking. But think about it. Make guns illegal and the price rises for illegal guns. Interesting economics that far too often result’s in Shakespeare’s line – “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” (1602 play Hamlet )

Far too many do exactly opposite of what they pretend to champion. Is Legarde really trying to help society, or bail out the bankers without jail time? I think all her proposals are geared to bailing out contributors – not society.

Martin Armstrong Margaret Thatcher

This is why I have reached the OPINION that Republics do not work – just look at Rome and the real story behind Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon. The only viable form of government would be a real democracy where people vote on every issue. Margaret Thatcher tried to introduce the Poll Tax and she was hated for it. But what she believed was that if everyone had to pay some tax they would then pay attention to government and be that check and balance. We had long discussions on this topic. Today, I believe with the internet we are closer to that concept of reforming society that was Thatcher’s real idea to make the people more responsible. The internet can replace career politicians if we each had to vote on a proposal. Just think about it. No stuffing unrelated special deals for people who pay. No more lobbying and free trips or pay-offs to start wars. No more militarization of police to protect government from the people.

Local libraries can have a voting booth for those without a computer. One vote per tax id number – i.e. SCC# in the USA. Technology can eliminate all currency and we move to electronic, but we can also take it to the next step and replace career politicians. Just think how different the future will be. Margaret – your dream may one day be reached with a responsible engaged public. If you can poll the people and show Obama’s rating is at best 39%, you can expect those people to also vote from their laptop.