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Can the Dow Exceed 18600?

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DJIND-D 3-4-2015 DJIND-W 3-4-2015 DJIND-M 3-4-2015


Can the Dow Exceed 18600 and still fall? Yes. We can see this is a technical target zone. In March on the Monthly level the Uptrend Channel stands at 18773.74. The weekly projection stands at about 18980.45 and on the Daily level the resistance is at about 18582.94. It is really a price zone target with the next just into the 23000-25000 area. Thereafter is where we have the real gap up to the 40000 level. That type of Phase Transition is possible for 2017. We do not have enough TIME left to reach that for the ECM target so that is a good thing for the market, but perhaps an ominous sign for what comes AFTER 2015.75.