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Can Patterns Target Individuals?

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QUESTION: hello,

you wrote today:

The degree of complexity in modeling even things like the cycles of war can be done right down to an individual. It is looking for patterns based upon your cycle work is Hillary Clinton likely to be the next president?



ANSWER: Our models on politics do not target an individual. However, to target an individual, take your birthday and plot out 8.6 year intervals and see how your life followed a cycle. Here is Hillary’s based upon her birth Oct 26th, 2947

1973.619       Graduated Yale
1977.919      Hillary join Rose Law Firm
1981.059      End of First Lady of Arkansas
1982.219      Hillary Joins Board of  New World Foundation
1986.519     Hillary Joins Walmart Board &  Bill Clinton’s gubernatorial reelection
1989.659      Hillary wanted to run for Arkansas Governor but polls not favorable
1990.819      Campaign for White House Begins
1995.119       Begins Weekly Column to Raise Profile “Talking It Over”
1998.259       Lewinsky scandal
1999.419      Hillary Begins Senate Campaign
2003.719      Hillary begins to prepare for Presidential Election 2008
2006.859      Hillary Senate Re-election
2008.019      Hillary Loses to Obama
2012.319      Hillary resigns from Secretary of State
But this is not what I was referring to. If you look at what Hillary has done and her forcefulness, even I can see the pattern without modeling that she has ALWAYS wanted to be the first woman president. That is why she stuck with Bill.

If you really want to know what was said about her behind the curtain, let’s see if you are ready for this one. When she and Bill entered the White House, within months the story that circulated was that the Secret Service was patrolling the second floor and walked in on Hillary and another woman in bed. She threw an ashtray or some object at him and struck him in the head. When I heard this story I did not believe it and asked, Is this what we are going to be doing for the next 4 years? I was told this was RELIABLE info directly from the Secret Service. My contact was partisan, but he was well-connected. So I took it as just rumor rather than a conspiracy theory.Then the Wall Street journal reported a small story that because a Secret Service agent was injured while patrolling the second floor, they will no longer be allowed to do so.

The Wall Street Journal published that story no doubt for the reason I had heard behind the curtain. I then asked people in the gay community about Hillary and they responded they all could tell she was one of them.

We have not run our political models on the 2016 election since the late 1990s. Back then it showed a spike rise in 3rd party. It is still too early, but we may yet see the Republicans split and a Tea Party 3rd party rise to the occasion.