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Can Human Confrontation be Reduced to a Mathematical Formula?

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The answer to the question can human confrontation be reduced to a mathematical formula is absolutely correct. The study of confrontation has long been around and various ways to determine the mood of a mob have produced incredibly interesting studies. There is definitely the madness of crowds where we as humans are influenced by the crowd. This is what drives markets and it is why the majority MUST always be wrong.

Scientists have now worked out human emotion reducing it to a mathematical formula for confrontation. Taking how a baby cries and observing how it will escalate against its parent is comparable to the way riots unfold in the civil context. Scientists have reduced these patterns following how the Protagonist (e.g. baby or rioters) adapts quickly enough to escalate its attacks confronting the larger adversary who is the Antagonist. The target adversary Antagonist (e.g. parent or government),is unable, or unwilling, to respond in a timely manner to satisfy the Protagonist, according to a new study published in Nature‘s Scientific Reports and reported in Science Daily.

In our model, this aspect is what I would call VOLATILITY, which gives you the magnitude of the event, but not the timing of the event as to when it will happen. But yes, you can reduce ALL human behavior to a mathematical formula on a collective basis. And yes, our volatility models for the Cycle of War are rising exponentially on the Civil Unrest models. This is why we are starting to see the shift from non-violent to violent confrontation right on time for 2014 and it is escalating on a global scale.