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Cameron Lashes Out Against Putin – Prepare for World War III

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David Cameron and Vladimir Putin met face-to-face talks in June. Now Cameron is towing the US line and is speaking out to NATO warning it is “unprepared for Russia threat”. Cameron has told NATO that it seriously needs to rethink its long-term relationship with Russia. British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that Russia’s “illegal” actions in Ukraine must be met with a message that “neither Nato nor its members will be intimidated”.

Cameron has suggested a new schedule of military exercises, which effectively do nothing but strut around and say see, we are here. Historically, such actions have never been effective in any crisis.


Putin is from the old world. He has called the collapse of the old Soviet Union Empire as the most tragic event of the 20th century. He is still an old world type guy who sees the size of Russia is more important than its economic might. Expanding Russia makes him popular at home and he has the support of the Russian Orthodox Church – something no previous Russian leader had since the Czar. Nevertheless, war is simply inevitable for sanctions are an in-your-face type of attack and that cannot be effective for Putin must not back down publicly.

This is where lawyers running countries are just out of their league. They look at law, not substance, and have no comprehension of how to deal with people on the street. The only possible way to defuse World War III is to now hold a summit and sorry – the West must be seen as also caving in. Without that, there is no resolution and war will be here before you know it.

An international summit designed to change the mind of Putin that territory is not strength requires accepting Russia into the fold and opening up trade so his people can benefit. The other aspect that has to be dealt with is the Russian Oligarchs. Free enterprise has to be allowed in Russia for its economy to grow. If you try to open any restaurant in Moscow, good luck on trying to buy life insurance – you will be dead by morning. This is what has been preventing Russia to rise to the top as we see in China. Russia could beat Europe in a heartbeat economically if it just dealt with its Oligarchy.

Without a summit with sound economic resolutions, there is no hope to prevent war. Even in the West, the EU simply wants to federalize Europe to save the Euro which they never designed properly to begin with. The USA is caught up in a pension crisis that will explode in everyone’s face and the entire socialistic agenda of taxing the rich and never reducing the cost of government is shrinking the economy. The collapse of the economic system of perpetually borrowing and never paying anyone back is crumbling before our eyes. As a result, the West needs war to prevent revolution.

It is far better to understand what is coming than to be the dumb and blind who are too caught up in watching TV and sports to bother paying attention to where Ukraine even is. As Saint Jerome said of Rome, when that Empire Fell, the Romans were still laughing watching their games.