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California – Impeach Feinstein or Please Secede From USA & Take Her With You

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Feinstein Dianne

Either California gets rid of the insane Diane Feinstein who is about as American as Adolf Hitler who also introduced laws against the freedom of speech or PLEASE secede from the USA and take this crazy nut-job with you. Not only is Diane Fienstein perhaps the strongest supporter of the NSA and the destruction of the entire constitution, but she is an outright liar or so misinformed she does not deserve to hold any office whatsoever. She published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, claiming that the 9/11 attacks could have been prevented had the NSA surveillance programs been alive beforehand. “We would have detected the impending attack that killed 3,000 Americans.”


Let me make this ABSOLUTELY clear. She is an outright liar for there is no way she is unaware of the truth. The first World Trade Center attackers were in MCC (Metropolitan Correctional Center) where correction officer Mr. Kumb gave them colored markers for recreation in their cell. They drew the World Trade Center on the wall one year before showing planes going into them. So let us knock off the bullshit. They created Homeland Security because NUMEROUS agencies had the info and it was claimed that they did not pass it along. The NSA program would not have prevented a damn thing any more that it prevented the Boston Bombings when they used local cell phones they were grabbing. When you grab everything, you do not have the time to pick up everything. They are storing this stuff for everything other than terrorism.

NSA Defended ny Feinstein

This outright liar to the American people that California has plagued the rest of us with is introducing a bill that will make it a CRIME to even criticize the NSA. She has the audacity to play with words and claims the NSA is not even engaging in “surveillance”.

Feinstein is insane – and obviously has no respect for the constitution or the Freedom of Speech. She will imprison anyone who disagrees with her and her precious NSA. This is what is becoming of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.


California – Enough is enough. Impeach Feinstein or please secede and take her with you. She is an embarrassment to everything the USA once stood for and has no sense of history whatsoever, As a Jew, she above all should be on guard against what history reminds us of.