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California & Criminalizing Avoiding Obamacare

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A Reader in California writes:

This today from our local Orange County Register under the Op Ed section:  “Taxing What Obamacare Makes Inevitable”  by Troy Senik.  California businesses would be penalized for cutting worker hours to dodge insurance mandate.  

Democratic Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez of Los Angeles has proposed legislation–which has passed both the Assembly Rules Committee and the Assembly Health Committee–that would Punish any employers who respond logically to the perverse incentives of Obamacare.

The bill makes it “unlawful for a large employer to, among other things..reduce an employee’s hours of work..if the purpose is to avoid the imposition of the penalty. A violation of those provisions would result in a penalty of 200 percent of the penalty amount the employer would have paid for the applicable period of time.”

The criminalization of INTENT now at the state level Marty.  All the dominoes are lining up as you say.  California’s legislature is among the MOST brain-dead of any. These people have absolutely NO clue what they’re doing. They fail to understand business and basic human psychology!  I pray this most recent proposal will go down in flames. Otherwise we will lose even more business here in the “golden” state!