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Caesar – Beware the Ides of March – Were the Conferences Targeted to this Period?

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To all those old clients asking if we picked the timing for the conferences linked to the geopolitical turmoil in Ukraine as we did in 1987 with the Crash and 1985 with the turn of the ECM, the answer is always yes. We use the model to target when the conferences should be most interesting since they are always a two-way street of discussion. After all, it is better to leave with something to remember rather than just a pen.

All the world financial markets are going to pay close attention to these events in Ukraine. Why do I have close ties with Ukraine? Who knows? Perhaps fate always seems to put me in the middle of everything. I seem to have friends in every hot spot since the 1980s.

Nevertheless, while it may not be precisely the Ides of March (15th), it is time shortly thereafter that all markets have been showing up as a unified target period since last summer. This indicates there there is something external causing this to develop. It is clear that the emerging markets are in a serious decline and this INCLUDES the Russian economy. The worse it gets, the greater there is always a need for an external enemy. This comes directly out of our well researched political play-book. It is standard practice and we should neither be shocked nor blame Russia for responding the same way every nation has for the last 6,000 years.

Here are the Arrays for the Euro, Dow, and Gold. Note that they are all targeting panic cycles at the end of March. Therefore, to get this sort of unified coordination implies an external source. This should make these conferences very important and exceptionally timely.

IBEUUSFOR-W 2-25-2014


DJFOR-W 2-25-2014


NYGFOR-W 2-25-2014