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Bureaucratization of Government – Why Real Reform is so Necessary

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We have a global problem with government in general. There is a dire lack of anyone with experience. Years ago when I would meet with politicians, I could engage in a serious conversation about the trends and the economy. But my observations over the years have been honestly the trend toward anyone with experience has been driven away from running for office on a grand scale.

When we look at Germany, the Bundestag has been composed of 631 members of which only 35 are entrepreneurs and less than ten belong to the group of workers. The vast amount is people who have worked their whole lives in government in the public service sector. This is the bureaucratization of government and explains why there is a total lack of common sense or any perspective other than hunt down the private sector. There is no inspection of government and its far-reaching powers that have destroyed the employment opportunities of the youth going forward.

There is just a complete lack of reason and you will NEVER convince someone who has worked their whole life into comprehending that they have become a parasite living off the fruits of labor of others. Until this changes, there is seriously no hope for any long-term changes in the global economy,