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Brussels Altering History to Train Children to Accept EU Integration

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One of the most basic means of propaganda any government engages in has been to rewrite history. It has been probably the most dishonest and unethical manipulations of society that has often led to war. The EU is now manipulating children by altering history to reflect a United States of Europe by ignoring the historical and cultural distinction between the European member states. This is just part of the campaign to alter the minds of European children to secure the jobs in Brussels with making the people accept EU integration as reported by the Telegraph.

The EU is now attempting to misinform the younger generation distorting history to pretend there is only one Europe. This naturally will be job security for those in Brussels with the €400,000 part-time jobs and tax-free privileges. It always becomes about government maintaining power and privilege. The truth becomes the victim and indeed if you tell a lie repeatedly, it become the new truth.


The Oligarchy during the Roman Republic was a master manipulator. They used every tool including books by Cicero to reshape themselves and events into a new reality. The portrayed Caesar as the destroyer of the Republic who was the ruthless Dictator. It was Plutarch who reported that when a friend of Cicero’s remarked that the constellation of Lyra was due to rise the next day, Cicero revealed his part in the corruption by responding – “Yes, by edict.” For you see, the Oligarchy bribed the high priest to insert days into the calendar to postpone elections. Yet, most people merely took the words of Cicero in defense of the Republic and believe that Caesar was the oppressor when in fact it was the other way around. So propaganda plays a strategic role. It did not work at that moment in history for Cicero and Cato – both had to flee Rome and died for their corruption. Yet in their death, the propaganda lived on.