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Broadcasting From Switzerland – Free At Last

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Everything has been moved to Switzerland for security purposes where a new day now dawns. We NEVER sell client names, and will always defend the privacy of our clients. As the world turns increasing toward Fascism-Totalitarianism, we decided to move to a country that is outside the EU and USA political systems for as things get much worse and the total lack of any Rule of Law, nothing can be certain. We have set up a number of non-US domain names as well to ensure that not even they can be turned off for political reasons.

The backlash against Microsoft’s Windows 8 from the “user” perspective has forced them to backtrack. However, the covert reporting of ALL third party software being installed despite their claims that can be turned off, leave a HUGE question of TRUST when the operating system also has a self-defense mechanism that prevents you from erasing it and re-installing Windows 7. This has NEVER been undertaken before. WHY? That can only lead to further questions that means we CANNOT trust Microsoft anymore. They may be forced to put back features of Windows 7, but that does not mean they remove the covert reporting and their new self-defense mechanism. What else lurks in this monster who knows? But with the new laws saying the US government no longer needs a search warrant, they could walk into Microsoft and demand an image of what is on your personal computer. No thanks!!! This is the very reason Rome collapsed – the destruction of the Rule of Law.