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Britain to End Freedom on Movement with EU Citizens

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Theresa May
Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain has made it clear that Britain will not accept retaining the EU free movement of EU citizens after the exit. Even traveling from Brussels to London, before BREXIT, they did not recognize Schengen Agreement for free travel. People fron Eastern Europe with a Shengen visa did not have access to Britain automatically. With the EU ruling that Apple has to pay more taxes that its deal with Ireland, BREXIT is indeed the only way to save Britain.

Within the United States, the member states compete to get companies to set up in their states and routinely off tax breaks to create local jobs. The is precisely what the European Commission is trying to stop in Europe. As they are desperate for taxes, they do not want companies to relocate getting better deals in Ireland or Greece against France and Germany. The entire objective is to create a virtual communist type state with 100% central planning in Brussels and the people have no means of voting whatsoever to alter any policy.

May will continue to try to negotiate for a single market economically, but Europe is dying rapidly. The bureaucrats are desperate to control everything to retain their jobs and purpose. They are destroying the future of Europe no less the very core of a capitalist system of a free market.