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Britain & the Future

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I would like my deepest admiration for you and your work to be a matter of record. It does seem slightly strange to be saying that, known as I am for being a feet firmly on the ground individual, but making known my support may also be of some interest. … Though I now rather ironically feel capable of following in family footsteps and through accumulated knowledge making a tangible contribution to society I am far from sure that society is even at all willing to listen, which I guess is something you find prevalent too ( at a time in history when the words of Franklin and Niemoller have never had more relevance society seemingly chooses to turn a deaf ear, thereby allowing the current shameful portrayal of Snowden as traitor rather than patriot.) … In my present … circumstances the one thing I wanted to do was make contact to reinforce the support that thinking people out there like myself have for you ( your contribution to the world makes you a true giant and the many detractors mere pygmies in comparison ) so it would be good just to know that the message has in fact been received. I could also at the same time probably put a little smile on your face by mentioning that I have a distinct image in my somewhat imaginative mind of yourself acting as Chancellor to Prime Minister Farage for a Great Britain deserving of the name ( the press here actually have restriction orders preventing publication of Snowden evidence that in Britain things are even worse than the NSA. )

Sincerest thanks for your invaluable legacy to mankind,

Keith ——.

P.S. Having also met ex Chancellor Lord Lawson some time ago ( in a noticeable about turn he recently turned against EU membership ) the current Chancellor Osborne on two theatre visits during the past year came across as a most uninspiring figure. The image of Obama repeatedly referring to him by mistake as the soul singer Jeffrey Osborne at the G8 meeting in Ireland just about sums the pair of them up.    

REPLY: Thank you very much. I lived in London for 5 years. It was by far my favorite city. I wanted to say that the three candidates for adopting monetary reform are actually Britain, Italy, and Spain. We have been preparing a map for Britain to save itself and if it would adopt such a reform, it will become the light that guides the way to the future. What we ultimately submit will be published in due course. The court orders against further publication of any materials from Snowden is outrageous to say the least – very, very. very anti-democratic.