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Breach of Security

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People should know what is really going on in technology. Windows 8 did more than remove the Start Menu, they replaced it with the Start Screen, which reports to Microsoft EVERY program you install. They claim this is to protect you from an attack. Granted, Microsoft is not the Dark Lord and would not perhaps be interested in looking at everything on your computer. However, the new law that allows the government to shut down any site for violating any copyright which is a covert way to shut-up people they do not like, also includes the right to demand all information without a search warrant from all the service providers. Therefore, they could easily go to Microsoft and demand they download everything from your computer with no notice to you whatsoever.

Naturally, this will be played down. However, there is also a chip in your car that will tell the dealer how fast you have EVER driven. All the info how and where you drive can also be now seized by the government. What is in your car is the new age black box.

These people cannot sleep at night worrying someone has some money they didn’t pay taxes on or is saying things they do not like. They want everything. You have no privacy in emails. Judges have held that is somehow different than a written letter in their twisted logic. This is the problem with government appointed judges. Human rights always go out the window.

I broke down and bought two new laptops with Windows 8. I turned one on and left it on my desk and took the other home. The default was the computer is automatically in “sync” with your other devices without requesting that. I changed the background and started to set it up over the weekend. When I came into the office, the background on the other computer now matched the one I worked on at home. After diving into the security problem, the layers of default to all sorts of cloud activity is alarming. Yes you can sync all your devices so you do not have to type it in again. This didn’t even ask me if I wanted to do that. This also means government can access your computer and they could turn on the camera and even impose taxes on sex. There is nothing beyond the observation of government. The question is, why the hell do they have to know everything everyone is doing?

A word of caution about Windows 8 and the new technology that is out there. Nothing is private anymore. Windows 7 is better – we now need a NON-US company to compete against Microsoft. An enough is enough.